It all started back in 2017 when Mei and four of her compatriots who co-founded Scoopoint decided to bring together a community filled with passionate creatives and entrepreneurs from every corner of the world to accentuate an ideology for a noble cause. Derived from a well-known coworking/event space and Incubator Program in Penang, we have now evolved into an e-learning and community platform. However, Scoopoint’s core value has never once changed – to empower and embrace creativity and entrepreneurship.

Creatives and entrepreneurs alike have turned to Scoopoint mainly for 2 important reasons – as a platform for learning and self-development, as well as integrated value creation and collaborative efforts. With more than two thousands members (or Scoopies as we call them), Scoopoint are embarking into a new digital journey.

By synergizing the wealth of resources from both offline and online, Scoopoint have hosted hundreds of events and workshops such as The Pitch, Womentrepreneurs (which was fully supported by the local government), Startup Weekend, Asia Innovatif+ Summit and many more.

Scoopoint have successfully mentored and guided many creatives and entrepreneurs from pre-launch to the point of launching, followed by ensuring the sustainability of their businesses and passion. The year 2020 has seen Scoopoint embarking onto the digital platform with the aim to further grow our Scoopies to a whole new horizon altogether.

In this rapidly evolving world, the only constant is change. That is why business models never stayed stagnant for long, consumers’ behaviours are always shifting, and education systems are transforming. We have to constantly push ourselves to pick up new skills, enhancement of knowledge, and expand our networks in order to stay relevant and successful in whatever we do. Scoopoint e-learning and community platform acknowledges that times are tough, but it never changes our perception that as individuals, we definitely could make a difference!

The surge in technology revolution inevitably changes the way we think and work, however we can take encouragement and consolation that we can always prepare well in order to embrace it with both hands. Different skill sets that every human possesses secure our value as thinkers, and thus ensure that we remain relevant amidst the rise of machines, as perfectly depicted by Jack Ma – “Teach soft skills, not knowledge, to compete with machines. Only by changing education can our children compete with machines”.

Join us, and together we continue to learn and grow as a community.


To empower and embrace creativity and entrepreneurship by cultivating a positive environment within our e-learning and community platform.


Unemployment & Contract-Based Profession

With various unprecedented and familiar crisis plaguing us, there shall be without a doubt more unemployment and contract-based profession in the market. By hook or crook, everyone would need to find ways to learn new skills to be able to cope with the challenges.

The Creative Community Tend To Lack Business Skills

Schools only teaches the technical skills to create, but never the business skills to flourish in real world. Hence many creatives are unable to survive the cruel reality that demand more from them. Nonetheless, the rise of social media has offered us a lifeline, as creativity and visual demands have escalated in importance.

Ill-Equipped With Future Skills

Study has shown that the future skills orient around soft skills and the touch of creativity that could not be superseded by that of machines and robots.


Mei Tan is the 2nd Gen & Director of Asia Green Group – a Property Development and Timber Milling & Manufacturing company. Upon graduation from Florida, USA, Mei kickstarted her career as a Graphic Interactive Designer with MTV International in NYC before returning to her hometown in Penang.

Following her passion in creativity & entrepreneurship, Mei founded Scoopoint – an idiosyncratic and stylish co-working space located in the heart of Penang. Scoopoint was also established as a community with a unified composition focusing on innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, where she served as a mentor & investor of the creative business system incubation program.

Having to succeed a brick & mortar business, Mei realized the significance of innovation in driving business growth. Her drive to find solutions in her businesses unleashed her passion to help & empower more businesses, especially family-owned, to discover new frontier in sustainable innovations and growth for future generations. She then founded the Asia Innovation Agency and moved on to launch Innovatif+ in Asia. Innovatif+ is the platform for NextGen of Family Businesses to discover new, innovative solutions to sustain the family businesses & legacies.

Mei is also a seasoned TEDx Speaker, and has numerous awards and accolades under her belt, such as the Top CEO Award, Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs Award, Top 30 JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award, InPenang Emerging Entrepreneur Award, EZ Emerging Entrepreneur Award and High Flyer Award.


Scoopoint was founded in 2017 by 5 extremely driven go-getters from Penang who share one common trait – their astounding level of success at a fairly young age. They were brought together by one vision: Empowering the creative and entrepreneur community.

LK Tan

Director of Asia Plywood Company

Alvin Poh

Founder & CEO of InSync Group

Nick Ghey

Founder & CEO of Stayhi Consultancy

Mathan Sugumaran

Founder & CEO of PR Entertainment


We are always looking to work with potential partners who are just as excited and equally committed to the idea of empowering the community with compelling knowledge and skills, creating a synergy that brings greater perspective and dynamism.

"Through experience sharing is where all of us learn, connect and grow."