What is digital Asset?

Does the word digital asset sound familiar to you? A simple definition of a digital asset is that it is a collection of binary data which is self-contained, uniquely identifiable and has a value. At their core, digital assets are the visual representation of your products, services, culture and, ultimately, your brand. As the key drivers of online engagement, digital assets represent the connection between your company and your customers, and give you the ability to interact with them in the way they like, when they like and also where they like. Digital assets have become the essential tools of brand loyalty, with every single digital interaction coming back to visuals and copy. But, your assets are only valuable if they can be found and used efficiently. I believe most of the people have heard of digital marketing, Facebook marketing and the list goes on. However, by using these channels are you really creating value for your brand? The question is what is Digital Asset and how to constantly create value for it. Just a brief introduction about our speaker Shoant Teoh, the CEO of TanTanNews where he founded the social news portal in 2012. TanTanNews managed to reach seven million monthly unique visitors, generating 20 million monthly pageviews at its peak and was later invested by Media Prima Digital in 2019. Shoant has co-founded several businesses including website development and lighting. He has recently started building MOpress.io, an AI-publishing and content creator platform.
Mei · July 30, 2020

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