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    Sister Under the Skin

    Prominent Malay women come together to exchange views in Sisters Under the Skin.What does it mean to be a Malay woman? By definition, being Malay…
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    Through the Eyes of an Interior Designer

    Interior design plays a big role in everyday life. It introduces people to beauty, relaxation, and modernism. Interior design is an important technique that is given a high attention all over the world nowadays. The importance of designing interiors helps the person to learn a lot about the space, and how people feel comfortable while being at a specific place and using its facilities. Designing interiors makes people look at things around them in an open minded view. Designers see things from different perspectives due to their studies and work atmosphere. They give special attention to details. Bringing you the best of the best, Scoopoint presents an exclusive talk with Nevermore, the geniuses behind the interior design of the well-known Golden Shower by Chin Chin and Irrawady House.   This sharing is for Interior designers or anyone who likes to learn about space and interior designing.   About Nevermore Group Nevermore Design is a design oriented firm based in Penang, presenting expertise in architecture, interior design, and urban design. Founded by two brothers, Chuah Say Yang and Chuah Say Win, who had influences from the work of provocative art and architecture movements. Nevermore were awarded Residential house Under £1m Design Award at the SBID International Design Awards 2018. The Malaysia-based practice picked up the accolade for their project, The Irrawady House, at a dazzling ceremony in the prestigious Dorchester hotel in London's Mayfair on Friday 26th October 2018. In addition, Nevermore won other awards such as Silver A' Design Award Winner In Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category 2018-2019 for the design behind Golden Shower by Chin Chin; and A' Design Award Winner in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category 2018-2019 for the Irrawady House.
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    Usage of Motion Graphics as Your Marketing Tool

    Video content is the most effective ad and is definitely a method to use in boosting your marketing strategy results. Animation marketing videos are, however, far more interesting, engaging and impactful compared to still images. This is because animated videos come with texts, visuals and music. This talk will cover the understanding of what motion graphics are all about and the many reasons why choosing it will be your powerful marketing strategy tool. --- ABOUT CHUN WOEI After graduating with a diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design from Equator Academy Of Art Penang, Chun Woei spent years in the advertising industry before venturing into multimedia, animation and motion graphics. Returning from New Zealand in 2002 graduated with a degree in Computer Graphic Design from Wanganui School Of Design in New Zealand., Chun Woei has started to involved in the job scope of graphic design, motion graphic design, animation and visual effects. ABOUT URBAN-CR3ATURES In 2005, Urban-cr3atures was born out of the passion to create new designs, trends and dare to be different. Founded by Lim Chun Woei and soon joined by Steve Mcleod of New Zealand based in New York where we founded a visual lab cum studio with 6 talented designers and animators working in it. We treat creative works as our playground, in where we find satisfaction from our works in experimenting with the weird approach in order to create and develop original new ideas. With this approach in over the years, Urban-cr3atures have produced a range of original designer’s products from clothing to toys. Apart from promoting ourselves in the design scene, Urban-Cr3atures took an initiative to create a platform to share and showcase original design works and music. So, in 2003 Beautiful Junk was created to achieve our initiative in creating this platform. Urban-Cr3atures have also been managing projects locally and collaboration works with designers and clients in the area of motion graphic design, graphic design, music video, online media and interactive design from USA, UK, Brazil, France, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Won several awards internationally and recently in 2009, Chun Woei won Kreatif Industry Awards for Best Character Design under Digital Artworks Category. And in 2010 2, one of his artworks were chosen to be exhibited under the Insight project by BigBrothersWorkshop in Japan and London   This sharing is for Videographer, Motion Designer, Graphic Designer and also who likes to explore the motion graphic world.