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    广告并不是丢钱就可以,你必须了解趋势,顾客的心理,文案,广告设定等等。通过我的课程,你将学会   -如何制定文案 -如何制定广告 -如何通过消费心理让顾客买单 - 如何设计购买方式 -广告设定以及分析   你是否应该参与这个课程呢? 只要你想要提升你的市场销售,想要进步,学习趋势的人,你都应该来参与。   学会了这个课程的所有,你将会让你的广告更加有效,销售方式更有方向,并和时代并进。   你需要准备什么呢? -电脑 -笔记本 -facebook & IG 账号登陆 -一颗准备学习的心  
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    迈向成功之路 with Yvonne Chuah

    The road to success for a makeup artist is long and challenging as it requires commitment and deep passion for the art. Yvonne will be sharing her view of the Beauty Industry for 2018 as well as her journey as a Pro Makeup Artist as she turned her passion into a successful & satisfying career. What people will learn:
    • Beauty Industry 2018
    • Becoming a professional makeup artist in all fields – Not only Bridal Makeup.
    • How to adapt to CHANGE in the beauty industry.
    • The platform and opportunity for the beauty industry as a professional MUA.
    *Sharing will be conducted in Mandarin.